Simple. Fast. Safe. Thursday, January 6, 2022–Library Remains open to come in, Curbside and safety measures emphasized, Saturday hours now 9-12pm

February 2021
By Keith Housewright
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Note: Saturday Hours have changed from 9-2pm to 9-12pm (noon) during this pandemic period. Please contact the library director with any questions. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Case-Halstead Public Library will remain open during this pandemic time, but we will re-emphasize safety measures designed to keep both the public and the library staff safe.   We appreciate so very much our patrons and want to provide a safe environment for all.   There will be tables set up around the circulation desk to keep patrons and staff properly separated and we will emphasize the need for patrons to come in and attend to their needs (our friendly staff as always is there to help!) and to keep from lingering in the library as much as possible.   Patrons are also encouraged to just pull up in the safety of their own automobile and call us at 594-5210 and we can run your materials out to you.   Patrons are encouraged to go online using their CHPL card from the convenience of their own home, order materials using the barcode on the card and their pin number (the last 4 of the phone number you used to sign up for your card with) and order Books and DVD’s and then we will call you when they come in and you can come up and call us at 594-5210 and we will run the items out to you!   Simple.  Fast.  Safe.  If you have other library needs such as making copies or printing something off, you can bring your copies up and call us at 594-5210 and we will come out, grab your copies, make them and run them back out to you.  If you want something online printed out, you can send it to:

and we will print it and run it out to you.   As always, printing and copying fees apply.    If you need to use a computer or would like to come into the library to look around, we would ask only that you wear a mask, sign in at the desk and leave contact information for contact tracing purposes.   Computers can be used for up to 30 minutes and we will only run a couple at a time to keep patrons properly distanced.


Simple.  Fast.  Safe.   We want to help you here at Case-Halstead Library.   If you’ve any question or concerns please call the library director at 594-5210 or text me at 618-979-2623 and I will be happy to get back with you.

Case-Halstead Public Library is THE public library of the great city of Carlyle, Illinois!